NLP 7 day Practitioner Coaching Course

NLP 7 day Practitioner Coaching Course
  • Start Date: Monday 13 July 2020,
  • End Date: Sunday 19 July 2020,
  • Price: AU$ 2,900.00
  • Course Code: NLP2PracJul
  • Discounted Price: AU$ 2,200.00 (If paid a moth before or more before the course, before 13th June)
  • Venue: Kings Park Conference room

Theme of this Course: Reconnection to self

I absolutely belief that learning NLP and attending a NLP course is one of the most powerful things you can ever do for yourself. I believe that NLP (and hypnosis) is one of the most  (if not the Most) Mind Reprogramming modalities on the planet. Period. Not only will you learn the New Code NLP but also the necessary hypnosis skills to make your NLP skills so much more powerful.

NLP teaches you how to use your Mind to work for you. Most people live a life where their minds use and control them because it has already been programmed and set up in the early life years by parents and caregivers.

If you are interested in learning these powerful techniques, to help you live your life more meaningful and fulfilled; and/or become an certified NLP practitioner and help others; then this is the course for you.

What is included on the course
  1. International NLP syllabus which is the content of all NLP courses all over the world. No NLP course can or should be shorter than 7 days. Then it is not a proper NLP course.  Not only will you have the international syllabus of NLP but also so much more:
  2. Secret Tricks of the trade: I will teach you the most subtle but powerful insider tricks and secrets I have learned while seeing thousands of clients over the past 15 years.
  3. Basic and powerful coaching models and hypnotic techniques to help change your mind and how to change and influence others.
  4. Basic and simple hypnotic tools to make your NLP techniques even more powerful. Adding some hypnosis techniques is like putting NLP on steroids.
  5. The latest and up to date neuroscience research  of mind neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.

In it’s core NLP is about detecting Unconscious patterns: A good NLP Practitioner is a bit like a private investigator: An excellent pattern detector. Patterns of behaviour; whether of companies or individuals. NLP looks for patterns of success and what makes people or companies successful. So that means also detecting the patterns which makes people unsuccessful and then reprogramming those patterns. And those patterns are almost always in the Unconscious. That’s why Change  works more Powerful if you work in the domain of the Unconscious.

I have found that just like in the medical field the Expert and Right Diagnosis is the most important part in the curing of any disease. The same is true when working with a client. It is about finding the core (simple) pattern which is most often made up of a limiting belief and reprogramming that.

Who should do this course
  1. Anyone who is interested in self growth and learning hands on techniques to reprogram their minds on a life long journey.
  2. Anyone who is interested in becoming a certified NLP Practitioner. The course is NLPAA (NLP association of Australia) accredited.
  3. Anyone who wants to learn a modality to help others change their lifes.
  4. Anyone who just wants a life changing week.

On the course  words like ‘Chakra’, energy systems, Unconscious, and some similar other terminology like these might be used. If your belief systems are not open to be influenced and if you think that you might have religious objections then contact me before you sign up.

I teach the course 100% myself and will be there to assist and look after you every minute of the day. I have seen the fenomenal transformations people have made on a course like this and that is what gives me purpose: Changing lives and giving people the tools to keep changing: themselves and others.

Time schedule and some Practicalities

The course will run from 9:30 to 5 every day. It is a lot of content to be covered and will try my best to stick to these times.
Coffee, tea and some healthy snacks will be provided, just bring your own lunch.

The course include some pre-course work. When you sign up I will send you the pre-course work and self study books to start studying.

And other questions, e-mail me, phone me or come and see me for a chat over coffee.