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Julie Roberts
19 June 2019
The NLP course was truly life changing. I can not express in words how thankful and honored I am to ...
Lisa Richardson
27 June 2018
I have been seeing Ernest over the past few months. I feel that I have learned an incredible amount ...
Ben Alexander
06 December 2016
The session was one of the most amazing I ever had in my life. I have a general sense of wellbeing a...
Sandy B
06 December 2016
I had problems following a stroke which severely restricted my ability to enjoy social interaction a...
Nuno Carreira
14 October 2015

Something that used to be a great source of happiness became a source of pain. He helped me change...
Pam Stein
07 April 2014
I had suffered from debilitating knee pain for years that orthodox medicine couldn't fix or even fin...
Pam Wood
06 January 2014
Thank you Ernest for giving me the insight to realise that letting go does not change the past but i...
Judy Wessels
17 June 2013
The 3-day core NLP training was enough to made me want to do more: what powerful techniques towards ...
Maria Carreira
04 June 2013
Ernest did a technique with me that freed me from backpain immediately. I had been suffering from ba...
Curtis Aiken
16 October 2012
I don’t know what you did with me today but whatever it was you got something moving in my subcons...
Eileen Thornhill
29 August 2012
I really appreciated the trainers (Ernest and Simon)'s willingness to be flexible and adjusting the ...

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NLP Coaching Practitioner Course: Become your own Why learning NLP?

Neuro Lingusitic programming is one of the most powerful mind and body reporgramming modalities around in the world at present.
Since it began in in the 1970's many other coaching and leadership courses and techniques have borrowed techniques from NLP. 
There is hardly any self development course today which does not in some way or the other borrow from NLP although it is very seldom mentioned and almost always marketed and 'disguised' as something unique and new.

NLP will provide you with basic mind techniques whichb you can use to help you change your own unconscious mind. This means changing unconscious beliefs, emotions and also behaviours which does not serve you. Not only for yourself but also if you become a Practitioner ypou can help others to change and reporgramme their minds and make a career of it.

How does the training work?

The training is a full 7 days. Yes, it is a proper training. Starting from about 9am and going though to about 5pm. There will be a short introduction for every section and afterwards you will get the opportunity to practise the techniques on each other and have a full mind and body experience of the spesific technique. This means during the 7 days you will get the opportujity to work through and clear a lot of your own stuff and participate in your own healing.

The course follows the international syllabus of NLP and I will also add some very new and extra techniques and also some hypnotic interventions which are not taught on the basic NLP courses. I do this to give you some extra learning and make the course very special and interesting. 

What will you learn?

The course will cover all the basic NLP techniques but also much more. It a internationally certfied and accredited NLP course. I am accrfedited with the HNLP and also the ABNLP (Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming) 

After the course you will have practical knolwedge of all the most important techniques. This means you can utilise these techniques for your own self development every day and also when becoming a certified practitioner help others to incorporate the changes and outcomes they want. 

I absolutely belief that NLP is one of the most (if not the Most) Mind Reprogramming modalities on the planet. Period.

If you are interested in learning these powerful techniques, to help you live your life more meaningful and fulfilled; and/or become an certified NLP practioner and help others; then this is the course for you.

What is included on the course


  1. International NLP syllabis which is the content of all NLP courses. But also so much more: 
  2. Secret Tricks of the trade: I will teach you the most subtle but powerful insider tricks and secrets I have learned while seeing thousands of clients over the years.
  3. Basic and powerful coaching models to help change your mind and those of others.
  4. Basic and simple hypnotic tools to make your NLP techniques even more powerful.
  5. The latest and up to date neuro science research  of mind neurogenesis and neuro-plasticity.

In it's core NLP is about detecting Unconscious patterns: A good NLP Practioner is a bit like a private investigater: An excellent pattern detector. Patterns of behaviour; whether of companies or individuals. NLP looks for patterns of success and what makes people or companies succesfull. So that means also detecting the patterns which makes people unsuccessful and then reprogramming those patterns. And those patterns are almost always in the Unconscious. That's why Change  works more Powerful if you work in the domain of the Unconscious. 

I have found that just like in the medical field the Expert and Right Diagnosis is the most important part in the curing of any disease. The same is true when working with a client. It is about finding the core (simple) pattern which is most often made up of a limiting belief and reprogramming that.

Who should do this course

  1. Anyone who is interested in self growth and learning hands on techniques to reprogram their minds on a life long journey.
  2. Anyone who is interested in becoming a certified NLP Practitioner. The course is ABNLP accredited.
  3. Anyone who wants to learn a modality to help others change their lifes.
  4. Anyone who just want a life changing week. 

On the course  words like 'Chakra', energy systems, Unconscious, and some similar other terminology like these might be used. If your belief systems are not open to be influenced and if you think that you might have religious objections then contact me before you sign up.

I teach the course 100% myself and will be there to assist and look after you every minute of the day. I have seen the fenomenal transformations people have made on a course like this and that is what gives me purpose: Changing lives and giving people the tools to keep changing: themselves and others.

ime schedule and some Practicalities

The course will run from 9:00am to 5pm every day. It is a lot of content to be covered and will try my best to stick to these times.
Coffee, tea and some healthy snacks will be provided, just bring your own lunch.

The course include some pre-course work. When you sign up I will send you the pre-course work and self study books to start studying.

And other questions, e-mail me, phone me or come and see me for a chat over coffee. 

Course price and payment

The price of the course is AUD2700
If you pay before 15 March the early bird special is only AUD 2200

Payment can be done over the phone by credit card
or Direct Deposit

To book click here



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