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Julie Roberts
19 June 2019
The NLP course was truly life changing. I can not express in words how thankful and honored I am to ...
Lisa Richardson
27 June 2018
I have been seeing Ernest over the past few months. I feel that I have learned an incredible amount ...
Ben Alexander
06 December 2016
The session was one of the most amazing I ever had in my life. I have a general sense of wellbeing a...
Sandy B
06 December 2016
I had problems following a stroke which severely restricted my ability to enjoy social interaction a...
Nuno Carreira
14 October 2015

Something that used to be a great source of happiness became a source of pain. He helped me change...
Pam Stein
07 April 2014
I had suffered from debilitating knee pain for years that orthodox medicine couldn't fix or even fin...
Pam Wood
06 January 2014
Thank you Ernest for giving me the insight to realise that letting go does not change the past but i...
Judy Wessels
17 June 2013
The 3-day core NLP training was enough to made me want to do more: what powerful techniques towards ...
Maria Carreira
04 June 2013
Ernest did a technique with me that freed me from backpain immediately. I had been suffering from ba...
Curtis Aiken
16 October 2012
I don’t know what you did with me today but whatever it was you got something moving in my subcons...
Eileen Thornhill
29 August 2012
I really appreciated the trainers (Ernest and Simon)'s willingness to be flexible and adjusting the ...

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Thoughts From My Couch
Not with a bang but a whimper...
Not with a bang but a whimper...And it all ends not with a bang but a whimper!!! Or does it?
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This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper
                                                          (T.S. Elliot)

And it all ends not with a bang but a whimper!!! Or does it?  In the latest James Bond movie it is the biggest Bang ever on a a movie screen when everything goes up in flames at the end. I have often asked myself the question: "What is the fine mathematical relationship between the build up and the release or ending. Think of a wedding, the months (years) of planning and 'poefff' : it's all over in minutes or a couple of hours! Or a slow cooked dinner, or an orgasm; or all the exercise for that one event at the Olympics. The Bang of the canon salvo at the end of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture shudders my soul everytime I hear to it!

What is it that makes the energy of the ending worth all the long hard work in the build up to it? Perhaps it is the intensity of the ending: The ' I do' with some tears at the wedding, the laughter and love at the dinner table, the glory of the gold medal at the Olympics! Apparently our universe started the other way round. It started with a Big BANG! And the ending......a silent whimper.? And perhaps just another beginning? I often look at the roses in my garden and see how they reach their full expansive and explosive colourful beauty and then slowly decay to a shrivelled up bud.  Some part of me feels sad,  just as when I look at the movie hero's from my childhood. All the external  bang is gone, and a lot of whimper left.

There is a story in the Bible of a strong man Samson who ended his life on a Bang when he with one final act of strength, pulled down the pillars which kept the temple up and ended his life on a BANG! I often work with clients who wants to leave legacies and I help them plan of this greatness and powerful legacy. And then I work with other clients who had a great and 'Banging' life and who at the end of their life have to make peace with their 'whimpering' and dying cancerous body. At this stage in my life, I believe that the visual and external 'Bang' at some stage must be internalised for a internal whimper. It is not any less powerful; It has just changed form. The next rose is already waiting to be formed;  Life is just a continuous series of Bangs and Whimpers, and both is perfect and both have to be present.

So it is the end of another year and whatever way you celebrate it, with a Bang or a Whimper or even better - both, whatever you do do or experience, may it touch the deeper level of your soul as well as the external physcical sensual pleasures!!

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