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Julie Roberts
19 June 2019
The NLP course was truly life changing. I can not express in words how thankful and honored I am to ...
Lisa Richardson
27 June 2018
I have been seeing Ernest over the past few months. I feel that I have learned an incredible amount ...
Ben Alexander
06 December 2016
The session was one of the most amazing I ever had in my life. I have a general sense of wellbeing a...
Sandy B
06 December 2016
I had problems following a stroke which severely restricted my ability to enjoy social interaction a...
Nuno Carreira
14 October 2015

Something that used to be a great source of happiness became a source of pain. He helped me change...
Pam Stein
07 April 2014
I had suffered from debilitating knee pain for years that orthodox medicine couldn't fix or even fin...
Pam Wood
06 January 2014
Thank you Ernest for giving me the insight to realise that letting go does not change the past but i...
Judy Wessels
17 June 2013
The 3-day core NLP training was enough to made me want to do more: what powerful techniques towards ...
Maria Carreira
04 June 2013
Ernest did a technique with me that freed me from backpain immediately. I had been suffering from ba...
Curtis Aiken
16 October 2012
I don’t know what you did with me today but whatever it was you got something moving in my subcons...
Eileen Thornhill
29 August 2012
I really appreciated the trainers (Ernest and Simon)'s willingness to be flexible and adjusting the ...

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My Blog
What we see is what we get
When a colleague of  mine recently talked abut her trip to Greece, I realized again how powerful perception is.  For her the experience of walking thought the old historical sites made her realize how short lived everything here on earth is. We invest our energies in so much unnecessary and unimportant things, And one day we will just be history and not even in any history book. Just a whisper in the wind. 

I remembered when I was in Greece many years ago. All I was seeing was dust and old shaggy buildings and trying to maintain my cool in mid Greece summer. It was a sweaty affair and I could not wait to leave and go to the isalnds. Same place, different experience. What we see is what we get. Mindset or perception is at the core of everything we experience. For most part is is completely unconscious. Oner person would see the rain on the cars on the freeway and think how beautiful while the other one will focus and swear about everyone driving so slow.

I realised many years ago since I started my NLP journey that it is p;ossible to change my perception. The first step is:
1. Become of your perceprtion. How are you perceiving and thnking about something?
2. Does your percepton limit you in any way? 
Date: 2018-06-27 
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